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Mac Os X 10.6.0 Snow Leopard Retail Dvd ((TOP))

I can tell you from personal experience that a 2010 Mac Pro can be booted from a retail Snow leopard install disk. Mine came with Mountain Lion, and my first task was getting Snow Leopard onto it. After getting no useful info from first-tier support people, I was told by an Applecare support person who seemed to really know his stuff that even the 10.6.0 DVD would work, and it did. I have also used the 10.6.3 DVD. Like you, I was installing onto a new, freshly formatted drive, in my case a 2TB HGST.

Mac os x 10.6.0 snow leopard retail dvd


I just erased my old snow leopard drive and downloaded Mavericks. It's installer did what I was expecting the 10.6 DVD to do. Went without a hitch. The 10.6 experience was way too slow by comparison. Like go brew a cup of coffee and read the paper sort of slow and still no joy.

hello i have a mac IOS X 10.5.8 and want to go to snow leopard but i do not want to purchase it for 20 bucks. do you know of the best way to download it? ive tried to doenload torrent etc and it does not work with anything

WoodHeBe, you are my hero!!!!!for weeks i've been struggling to find a solution for my crashing MacBook Pro mid 2010, and my last resort was to roll back to the original OS - snow leopard, however because i did not have the install CD, no image i downloaded off the web worked for me - i almost gave up.well, thanks again.


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