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There is a .blend file in the downloads called "Landscape_Example.blend". You will find instructions on how to use this shader. You can study the material, or you can use this as a template for your own landscape shader. The first step is to bake masks like height, AO, slope, etc. Then you save the bakes to disk and use them in the procedural shader. In the end, you can bake your procedural shader for better performance and for gaming engines.

Download File Super Tool vfxmed.rar

(a) redistribute the Product, Software and/or Content as stock, in a tool or template, with source files, or as a sound effect. The Licensee cannot do this with the Product either on its own or bundled with other items, even he modifies the Product. The Licensee cannot redistribute the Product, Software and/or Content as-is or with superficial modifications. (Examples: The Licensee cannot license a number of sound effects and distribute/resell them on CD or as part of an SFX pack or sample library. The Licensee cannot license a sound effect and distribute/resell it as a ringtone.)

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