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Best Website To Buy Basketball Shoes

AND1 offers an extensive range of basketball shoes and apparel for men and kids and some of the most uniquely styled basketball shoes in Australia. Meticulously designed and developed - our men's basketball shoes deliver inimitable style with next-level support and comfort, so you can truly own the court.

best website to buy basketball shoes


The soles of our shoes and grip will meet the demands of moving on the court. We structure our soles to cushion your feet and provide the best foundation to play your game at a winning level. With definitive collections of leading on-cour shoes for Men and Youth, you can also explore our range of On and Off court apparel in our online store. We have basketball shoes across every style and colour to ensure that you have the most stylish, supportive and comfortable footwear to wear to your next sports game or training. Our men's basketball shoes are high quality, with brands you love across our collection, at a price you will appreciate. Rest assured that when you shop with AND1, we have taken the hard work out of the search for you. Having curated a collection based on the top basketball shoes in t e industry, we know you will find the perfect pair of shoes in our collection.

Your search for the best basketball shoes is over. Whether you want high tops or low cuts, bright colours or bold patterns to suit your style, AND1 has the best products. New Releases from our brands in an array of styles ensure you stay at the top of your game, with more releases planned throughout the year.

We offer basketball shoes to suit your preferred look, with a price range representative of excellent value and incredible quality. The AND1 collection also encompasses a custom range of sporting clothing and uniforms to keep your entire team sorted for the season. We have your team covered if you want team t-shirts, footwear, gear to train in, socks or hoodies. Whether it's a gift for you or someone else, shop one of the most stylish collections of apparel and basketball shoes in Australia - online today.

Most of our product range are sold in US sizes, so we have made it easy for our customers in Australia to find the right size. To check how to ensure the best size, width and fit, you can refer to our Size Comparison Chart. Before buying basketball shoes online, we would also advise you have a look over Guide to Buying Shoes Online, to make sure you get the best fit when you next order.

There is a range of opinions on which shoes are best for basketball, with many preferencing a certain brand, cut or style. The 'high-top, low-top or mid-top debate' comes up frequently and depends on how you like to play the game.

Each type offers different levels of ankle support, and the higher the op, the heavier the shoe. But, the real key to choosing a basketball isn't finding which shoes are the 'best basketball shoes'. It's actually understanding the type of player you are!

It certainly is okay to do in most cases, unless they are designed to be worn indoors only! There are some things to take into account, though, before doing so. We all love the style that basketball shoes carry, absolutely, and lots of people want to wear them to look great. If that's your intended purpose, go for it! If you are a serious player, it's best to keep them to the court for the most part to avoid additional wear and tear. Indoor shoes will fall apart quickly if worn in the wrong conditions.

You have two options when it comes to outdoor basketball shoes. The first? Use them on the court, and enjoy them casually (or frequently!) off the court - but expect to replace them much more often! The second? Start a collection! Keep the ones that give you the proper support for on-court, and shop to your heart's content for those to wear daily.

Believe it or not, there is some great science behind this! Similar to the way car tyres may squeal on some car park surfaces, your basketball shoes will squeak due to the slick-slip principle. This is due to the friction caused by contact and release of two smooth surfaces, one of which may have a specific type of grip (such as your soles or car tyres!).

Not sure about the right size or the best sneakers? We can advise you about the best basketball shoes to uplevel your game, Australia-wide or online - get in touch with our friendly Melbourne team on 03 9888 8186, or via our contact form.

When shopping for basketball shoes, be sure to find a pair that fit snugly and are designed with space in the toes area. Heels should not be too high or low on the foot and midsole thicknesses vary, so it may take several tries to find a pair of sneakers or boots that fit perfectly.

If you experience discomfort or compression in your feet when playing basketball, try swapping out your current basketball shoes for some without space in the toe area. Buying sneakers online can save you time and hassle since they come in many different sizes; however, ensure you order a size larger than what is recommended because they will stretch during use.

Wearing shoes that fit snugly can reduce the risk of injuries and provide better support for your feet. When shopping for basketball shoes, make sure to try them on in a store or online to get an accurate sizing before making a purchase.

The type of basketball shoes that we see today have been in existence since 1917, although the game of basketball originated in 1891. Converse realised the importance of a sneaker that will be explicitly designed to play this sport. The All-star basketball shoe by Converse was the first shoes for basketball that was available in the market. Chuck Taylor, the basketball star joined the company and lent his name to appear on the footwear.

The basketball shoes are lightweight and comfortable. Therefore, instead of buying flip-flops or sneakers, log on to Myntra right away and get the perfect footwear for your favourite sport. You will look stylish and feel confident with the right pair of shoes.

An ankle sprain is the most common way to get hurt in basketball, accounting for a quarter of all injuries by some estimates. Just ask the NBA's Stephen Curry, who last week twisted his ankle for the fourth time this season. The Warriors' title hopes may rest on his precarious ankles, which he tapes and braces for every game because of his well-documented injury history. Further protection, in principle, comes from his eponymous high-top shoes, made by Under Armour.

From the classic Chuck Taylors to the latest Air Jordans, basketball footwear has usually meant high-tops, whose higher cut ostensibly provides support against sprains. Over the years, basketball shoes have morphed from simple canvas footwear to an array of high-tech gadgetry and bold styles. As sneaker culture has flourished -- manifesting as a complex intersection of fashion, capitalism, politics, culture, race and society -- basketball shoes continue to be at the forefront of footwear technology. Whether it's cushioning air cells in the sole, new types of rubber for better traction, lighter materials, or even the more gimmicky inflatable ankle support of the Reebok Pumps, the basketball shoe has always been a marriage of form and function.

Although the safety feature of a high-top shoe would become a selling point, it probably wasn't an emphasis for early shoe designers. "The real reason why we had ankle-covering sneakers in the first place was that it was a reflection of the ankle boots that men were wearing," said Elizabeth Semmelhack, the senior curator for the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. Ankle boots were the norm in the late 19th century, and basketball shoes just reflected that style.

Still, the cut and cushioning of a basketball shoe are only part of the design, which has come a long way since the Chuck Taylors. "Sneakers have always been interlaced with technological advances," Semmelhack said. Even the first basketball shoes were cutting edge, with soles made of rubber, a new and expensive material at the time. And the ankle patches on the early Chuck Taylors were also meant to cushion impacts, she said.

It may be difficult to distinguish real innovation from marketing, but for the most part, shoe companies do pour considerable research into their shoes. Before joining Adidas, Tobias Luckfiel thought shoe companies were full of fluff. "But I think we have a lot of people who want the best for the athlete," said Luckfiel, now a senior manager of sports science at Adidas based in Portland, where he helps develop new materials and tests footwear, measuring the traction, cushioning and stiffness.

The problem is that basketball demands a diverse range of motion: jumping, landing, running, sliding side-to-side, and everything in between. "It's really difficult to design all of those characteristics into one basketball shoe," said Hamill, who, like many athletic shoe researchers, receives funding from shoe companies (he works with Brooks on running shoes and FootJoy on golf shoes).

But the purpose of basketball shoes has never been just to reduce injuries. For the top professional players, endorsement deals may be the biggest reason why they wear the shoes they do. Shoe companies also have big-money agreements with college teams, and have become embroiled in a scandal involving Adidas and multiple universities. 041b061a72


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