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Unetbootin For Mac Os X 10.4 ((INSTALL))

LINUX: For making Linux installers from ISO files, I like unetbootin, which can streamline the process of downloading the ISO of your choosing and burning it to the destination of choice for an installer.

Unetbootin For Mac Os X 10.4

Thanks for this! I had downloaded hirens on a mac and was not sure if unetbootin would work. Fortunately, I still have a ten year old Windows laptop which I used to edit the .cfg files. I wish I had thought about it before as I would have just downloaded hirens to that pc. One more caveat was that I had to change the sata setting in the bios to ide. That way hirens recognized my drive and I was finally able to get back on my win8 device. Many thanks to!

+pc: custom AMD Opteron 175 nForce4 Ultra 2GB ram DDR400 nVidia 9800GT 1GB ArchLinux x86_64 w/ openbox+laptop: Apple MacBook (2,1) 2GB ram Mac OS X 10.4 -> DIED+ultrabook: Dell XPS 13 (9343) 8GB ram 256GB ssd FullHD display Windows 8.1 64bit ArchLinux x86_64 w/ Gnome


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