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Buy A South African Boerboel VERIFIED

Lately, in the last 10 years, the boerboel has undergone further refine meant into the popular type that we see today. Thereupon, we attempt to clarify who are the influential organizations. Also, we want to know what purposes they serve. Moreover, we want to address why it is relevant to the South African Boerboel breeders, owners, and enthusiasts?Thus, we provide a link below to the video about pedigree dogs. After all, we believe that it will help shed light on a HUGE problem about the registration and breeding of dogs.

buy a south african boerboel


Boerboel was initially bred in South Africa by Boers for the purpose of guarding their farms and families against lions, leopards, snakes, and robbers. Boer boels are descendants from dogs that were brought to southern Africa during the 17th century by Dutch settlers, known as Boers or Afrikaners. Boer boel dogs were used at first only to protect livestock until they proved themselves able to defend their masters. It is also said that these types of dogs were used for hunting purposes because Boer Boels are proficient in killing wild game such as lions, leopards etc

Lifespan. The boerboel lifespan is typical for their large size. They live an average of nine to 11 years. You should prepare for about a decade with your dog if you choose to bring one home as a puppy.

Your boerboel needs high-quality dog food. Try to find a brand that your pet enjoys. Make sure that the nutritional requirements are specific to their stage of life, like puppy- and senior-specific varieties.

We at Asguard Kennels fell in love with the black boerboel. The black shiny coat shows off the underlying muscles very well. There are few dogs that could really look as beautiful as a healthy active black boerboel with short shiny hair.

There has been a lot of discussion in the Boerboel world whether black Boerboels are real Boerboels. Fortunately the SABBS (South African Boerboel Breeders Association) has included the colour black in the breed standards again. If you want to know more about the history of the black boerboel please read the article below written by Lukas Van Vuuren.

It was a dream to own a Black boerboel and we decided to look for a descendant of the highest ranking black Boerboel in the world: Spitsvuur Ramkat. Our search led us to South Africa where we met Johann Kruger from Makarios Boerboels (at that time the president of the SABBS). In Februari 2020 we added a very promising male Makarios Rollo to our breeding program, adding an incredible value to the boerboel gene pool in Europe.

And for me the most important thing is, if you have an animal you need to realize that it is part of your family. It will take time, money and attention and it will live for many many years. My oldest cat lived to be 24 and that was a lot of times I could not drop everything and go on holiday or stay out all night or go for drinks after work. If you want an animal that will fit round your life then maybe you need to reconsider having one at all. It breaks my heart seeing all the animals in shelters or advertised for rehoming because they were more of a responsibility than people realized. It is much harder to find a home for a huge badly bred untrained boerboel than a Maltese poodle, and they often end up being put down.

I bought a boerboel hybrid from a Olympic dogs in Washington state and have had nothing but good things to say about him. Our dog Anubis is 62.5% boerboel, 12.5% dogo argentino, 12.5% great Dane and 12.5% Turkish kangal. He is fawn with a black mask and is great with our kids and our 2 smaller female dogs and cats. We decided on a mostly boerboel hybrid because of our love for the breed but heterosis means fewer genetic issues. I would love to get your take on this hybrid and our breeders website.

Thanks for the wonderful website i have a boerboel he will be two in NOvember and he is absolutely friendly he os just to funny he will run towards strangers barking and he will just stand the not. Doing anything but i havent spent enough time with him but i do spend a lot pf tim with him now i want to try to get closer to him but i just have thos fear that he will bite or jump and knock me over but i have stood susde by side with him and my friend and i just had to hold a water bottel in case he jumps on me please help me to get closer to him please I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My beautiful boerboel is very friendly towards my children and this is one of the best breed that i have. Train them from young and you will love them so so much. Great behaviour. Big size giant yet gentle. How i wish i can post her photo here.

My 10 month old female maltese, Laylah and I are moving in with my fiancé and his 3 year old male boerboel, Samson. We introduced the two and so far so good. Also we are having a baby of our own . So the house will be a full one. My biggest concern is that he jumps on people and that habit needs to stop. Any ideas? Good thing is I will be home most of the time so I can give him as much time needed. Please help

Hi Kirsten. How much are you guys selling your pups for? I am really experienced training dominant type breeds. Was looking into buying a boerboel sometime this year. Through my readings, I have really grown fond of this breed. I think one would make a great addition to our family.

My 10 months old boerboel just looks at strangers and does nothing please what can I do while my 1 year boerboel is unpredictable. She sees a stranger today and does nothing and tomorrow she wants to attack . 041b061a72


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