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Xfrog Plants For Modo Torrent !LINK!

Nearly All models include xfrog procedural files. So you can animate the plants if you animate the xfrog files(XFR). e.g. if you want growth or complex wind or want to blow leaves off or change seasons over time, or make flowers blossom - just add any of the add-on software during purchase. disclaimer - the animation is not built in - you have to add what you want - the model hierarchy is in the XFR, its not a static mesh. further disclaimer - 3 libraries dont have XFR, as we post-worked them - landscaping, flowers 3, and the new Asia library. but for you, the Asia library makes a lot of sense - it was built with xfrog 5 for maya - so you can very easily edit and animate that library if you have xfrog for maya . and yes you can bake out animations

Xfrog Plants For Modo Torrent

Download Zip:


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