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Where To Buy Sigvaris Compression Stockings !!TOP!!

Who knew that such a dynamic collaboration 140 years ago could revolutionize the world of socks? Because of the advances in fabrics, men and women can now comfortably wear Sigvaris compression stockings every day.

where to buy sigvaris compression stockings

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Founded over 140 years ago in Switzerland, Sigvaris has been manufacturing internationally recognized compression stockings since the late 1950s. Their commitment to clinical research and product development combined with their response to market needs has made them a true innovator in the medical compression community.

We recommend that you speak with your physician first, before deciding if compression therapy is right for you. Your physician can help determine your underlying condition and the correct treatment for you. There are some conditions where compression therapy may not be appropriate.

SIGVARIS is a Swiss based family-owned enterprise that was established in 1864 and is the worldwide leader in the manufacture and distribution of graduated compression stockings and socks for the prevention and relief of venous and lymphatic disorders.

Sigvaris Select Comfort Thigh High Compression Stockings is designed to ensure correct fit and accurate compression, resulting in optimum therapeutic benefits and greater wearing comfort. Sigvaris medical products are designed to fit various lifestyles and are best suited for those with chronic venous disorders, edema, stasis, skin changes, and for those who have had or will be having a vein procedure. Constructed of spandex wrapped with a smooth nylon thread, the construction of the 860 Series combines durability with a smooth and opaque yet cosmetic appeal while providing excellent medical effectiveness. Select Comfort Series is designed to be comfortable and very easy to put on and take off, making these socks and stockings an excellent choice for patients who have difficulty with this process.

The physiological effects of elastic compression stockings on venous disorders of the leg have been studied in three groups of 10 patients. These patients were divided by examination and ascending venography into those with: (a) a normal venous system in the leg, (b) superficial varicose veins and (c) a post-phlebitic limb. In a randomized cross-over trial each groups wore Eesiness NHS two-way stretch or Sigvaris medium compression below-knee stockings for three weeks. In the post-phlebitic limb group a further comparison was made with Sigvaris strong compression below-knee stockings after a 6-week rest period. The effects were objectively compared using foot volumetry and sodium (24Na) subcutaneous tissue clearance. The physiological benefits of Sigvaris medium and strong compression stockings were comprehensively demonstrated by both methods of assessment in patients with the post-phlebitic limb. Benefit from Sigvaris medium compression stockings was also demonstrated in the patients with varicose veins. In the group with normal veins there were negligible physiological benefits from compression stockings. Eesiness stockings failed to produce a significant physiological effect in each group.

A simple and comfortable way to help relieve the symptoms of heavy legs, leg pain, swollen feet and ankles during travel is to wear SIGVARIS graduated compression stockings. Wearing compression stockings is also advised to reduce the risk of developing a more serious condition such as phlebitis or deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. SIGVARIS medical compression stockings have been proven to prevent symptoms including heavy, tired and achy legs, swelling of feet and ankles.

Sigvaris has been manufacturing quality compression stockings for over 50 years and they were founded with the expert knowledge of a physician. They produce medical grade compression stockings that are both comfortable and fashionable. At Healthy Skin Centre, we are on a mission to improve leg health, and we believe it starts with offering the highest quality compression products on the market.

Most of the population can benefit from wearing compression stockings which is why most Extended Medical Health Plans cover their cost when prescribed by a physician. You would benefit from wearing medical grade compression stockings if you:

Compression stockings work by applying graduated compression along your legs. They are tighter around the ankle and gradually get looser towards your calf and thigh. Compression stockings work by moving blood up the leg, resulting in improved blood returning to the heart (venous return) which helps reduce and treat symptoms of leg fatigue, heaviness, pain as well as prevent varicose veins and DVTs. Compression stockings work by improving your blood flow. At Healthy Skin Centre, we recommend medical-grade compression of 20-30mmHg for optimal comfort and benefits.

Compression stockings improve your circulation, so the more you wear them the better! We recommend wearing them daily. If you are having sclerotherapy with Dr. Lili Nasseri, she will first do a formal consultation and medical evaluation before determining how many days post sclerotherapy you will need to wear your medical-grade compression stockings. Typically, most varicose vein and spider vein patients must wear stockings one to three weeks post sclerotherapy depending on the size of their varicose veins and the extent of disease.

Sigvaris guarantees the compression of stockings for 6 months with daily wear. Most Extended Health Plans pay for a minimum of 2 pairs of stockings per calendar year, which means a new pair every six months -though most patients typically buy two pairs at the beginning of the year as its simpler that way!

Yes, most Extended Health Plans cover the cost of medical-grade compression stockings. Typically, they cover the cost of up to 2 pairs per calendar year, so that you can wash and wear one. The compression stocking strength is guaranteed for up to 6 months to 1 year and for this reason, most plans cover two new pairs per year.

Below the knee, graduated compression from toe (highest) to knee (lowest), in the form of bandaging or stockings, is viewed as a key component of treatment when venous leg ulceration occurs in the absence of relevant arterial disease [3] .

The so-called four-layer band age comprises 1) a padding bandage (orthopedic wool) to redistribution pressure from bony prominences and to help provide even distribution of pressure under the compression bandages where the shape of the leg may militate against even graduated pressure; 2) a crepe inelastic bandage (to create a base for the compression); and 3) and 4) two mild to moderate compression elastic bandages.

Brizzio et al., compared the proportion and rate of healing, pain, and quality of life between using Sigvaris prototype medical compression stockings (MCS), providing 15 - 25 mmHg at the ankle and four layers compression bandaging applying 35 - 40 mmHg at the ankle bandages. Healing within 90 days was observed in 36% of patients using MCS and in 48% using four layers compression bandages (P = 0.35). Healing within 180 days was documented in 50% of MCS patients and in 67% with four layers compression bandages (P = 0.21) [12] . 041b061a72


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