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Our Programs

Client-focused Programs

•English for Business Use

•Public relations in crisis management

•Communication skills

•Managing different personalities in the work environment.

•Teamwork and adaptation to the work environment

Specialized programs

•VIP Protection

•Nuclear Infrastructure Protection & Security.

•Unarmed Defensive Tactics

•TV surveillance system operators (CCTV)

•Embassies security

•Inspection System operators

•Communication skills (security personnel)

•Security inspection procedures

•Drones’ Security surveillance

•Infrastructures Protection & Security

•Security Awareness

•Airports Protection & Security

•Stadium Security

•Convoy Escort and Money Transfer

•Handgun and Shooting

•Global Positioning System (GPS)

Management Programs

•Training of Trainers (TOT).


•Computer Skills

•Strategic Plan Skills

•Media Management Skills

•Site Command

•Professional work skills

•Quality Management

•Risk Management

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