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Physical Protective Services & Sectors

Executive Protection

Our executive protection teams provide security services for high-value individuals. Our highly trained, low-profile veterans are qualified to work in high-risk and complex environments and specialize in the protection of diplomats and commercial clients, several members of our executive protection teams are former JAF Special Forces professionals. This work is always carried out in close collaboration with law enforcement agencies and other governmental authorities. 

Nuclear security

High-risk facilities need a partner with the experience and capability to deliver comprehensive security solutions. As the security solutions pioneer for the high-level critical infrastructure industry, Rock has an outstanding reputation. Our clients see the value in our turnkey security solutions and security officer programs. Our industry-leading capabilities bring peace of mind to you and your stakeholders.

High Consequence Protection

Governments and industry leaders must develop programs and train personnel to guard, protect, and mitigate risks as threats of terrorism increase across the globe. Nuclear materials and arms are key targets for terrorist groups. Rock has developed a specialized focus on Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) defense tactics to keep these high-consequence targets from falling into the hands of bad actors.

Command & Control (cctv)

Proactive 24/7 Security Monitoring and Oversight

Real-time intelligence is vital in today’s security industry. Constant proactive monitoring increases situational awareness, enables faster decision-making, and maximizes your security posture through strategic resource coordination.

Our in-house experts maintain continuous operations, ensuring 24/7 situational awareness. We apply our intelligence insights and proactive approach to actively monitor and respond to changes as situations develop.

Event Security

From major sporting events to national political conventions, advanced planning and a strong security presence is necessary for ensuring a safe environment for its VIPs and attendees.

Rock specializes in security services for various public, private and Government events. This includes advanced threat assessment, planning and monitoring, large crowd control, and immediate crisis response. We staff special events, after-hours events, and augment existing staff during heightened security periods. These events range from public hearings, sporting events, large conventions and entertainment events.

Security Guards

Armed and Unarmed Physical Security Services for Government and Commercial Customers

Personnel, facilities, data, networks, equipment, and other assets are vulnerable to a number of attacks. Rock is a trusted and experienced provider of security services. Our integrated security solutions range from uniformed protective services to high threat protection for government, corporate and non-governmental customers. We deliver quality-driven, professional services to safeguard personnel, infrastructure, and other valuable assets and investments.

"Our highly trained physical security team is composed of certified security specialists whose training and professionalism are your guarantee of safety in all circumstances."
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